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The market for RFID is basically endless and it covers a huge variety of industries all over the world from small shops to huge mining companies, from hospitals to prisons to warehouses and museums.
Wherever there is an asset that can move from one place to another and someone needs to know about it the RFID – Radio Frequency identification is there to help.
There are several types of RFID tags, and we run into them each time we go shopping for clothes and find the tags attached to them. These are the simple ones, there are more sophisticated tags can transmit movement and temperature and have many other features.
By attaching tags to valuable assets, such as medical equipment in hospitals, we can control these assets and if they are moved from the area in which they are supposed to be, a signal is sent to the control area, that something is not in order.   We can attach RFID tags to security guards to monitor their patrols, both indoors or outside.
In order to supervise these tags and manage the assets, an infrastructure of antennas needs to be set up in the operating area.  These antennas are connected to a control room where asset management and tracking software systems software are installed and the security guards can supervise all the assets. Humans, Art work, Heavy industry machinery, hospital equipment to name a few.
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